Jun 24, 2010

Macho Socks (free sock pattern)

Macho Socks
by Pragueloop

This is a simple pattern for socks - you are welcome to use the stitch sequence for anything else.
The aim was to create a pair of socks for a rather conservative male. The pattern is meant to be kind of architectural - to remind one of old doors for example. The "rectangles in rectangles" look is created by a simple sequence of knits and purls.

Available in HTML at http://pragueloop.blogspot.com/2010/06/macho-socks.html

or in pdf at http://tinyurl.com/machosocks-pdf

and in word at http://tinyurl.com/machosocks-word

ravelry pattern page link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/macho-socks

Yarn: Any sock or non-sock yarn you like. The sample pair was created from 2 balls of Lana Grossa Elastico (a cotton blend)
Needles: not terribly important, here 3 mm DPNs were used
Gauge: not terribly important. This was about 7 stitches and 10 rows = 1 inch
Size: L

The socks were knit from the toe up, but the pattern can be used for top-down socks. Also feel free to substitute any of your favorite toe and heel.

Abbreviations: k…. knit, p… purl

Stitch pattern: use the chart or this worded pattern.
Round 1: knit
Round 2 and every even round: knit
Round 3: k1, p5
Round 5: k2, p3, k1
Round 7: k3, p1, k2
Round 9: knit
Round 11: repeat round 7
Round 13: repeat round 5
Round 15: repeat round 3

Using turkish cast-on or your favorite method, cast on 20 stitches. Keep adding 4 st in every other row on the sided of your needle (by kfb or any other way you like) till you have 50 st or the amount desired for your size (in this case you will be adding just 2 st in the last row, so the result is 50 stitches).

Knit the instep in pattern. The stitch pattern is a sequence of 6 stitches, so you will be knitting 4 repeats of the pattern, then knit one, then knit the sole.

Note: The chart is for ODD rows. You will be knitting the even rows (or purling them in case you are knitting something flat).

Repeat the stitch pattern 6 times or until you get to the heel. Trying the sock on is a good idea.

The heel here is a short-row heel. Knit it over 25 stitches, decrease to 11 st, then get back to the 25.

In the next row (row 1 of the pattern) you will need to decrease 2 stitches so the leg can now be knit in pattern. You will need 48 stitches for 8 pattern repeats, so in this first row, k2tog twice, preferably on the sides of the sock.

Knit 4 repeats of the stitch pattern for the leg.

The cuff was knit in k3-p3 rib for 15 rows (bind off in pattern).

Knit the second sock - they are identical.
Gift to your dad, brother, husband or plumber.

This pattern is free and you are welcome to do anything with it.

It is available in HTML at http://pragueloop.blogspot.com/2010/06/macho-socks.html

or in pdf at http://tinyurl.com/machosocks

ravelry pattern page link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/macho-socks

pragueloop@gmail.com, http://pragueloop.blogspot.com
Pragueloop, June 24, 2010

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